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My name is Catherine and I’m excited to welcome you to my little space of internet! Your experience here will be maximized if you can find humor and beauty in the craziness of everyday life. The formula here looks like this: satirical rants + subtle pop culture references + reflections and ponderings + more cowbell. Not to be creepy but I genuinely wish I could sit down next to you as you read through these posts and we could snicker together and both reach into the trail mix bowl at the same time.

Enough about you. BACK TO ME.
Here are some super casual head shots against a brick wall so you know what I look like:

                        IMG_4397    IMG_4389   IMG_4374               

I’m married to a handsome man named Daniel who lovingly goes along with all my absurd ideas and adventures. (College date of blindfolded putt putt y’all. Bless him.) After six years of marriage, we had our baby girl, Hayden, who is equal amounts of sugar and spice; she completely lights up our lives. We live in the heart of Suburbia as close as physically possible to Target.

Know these facts and you will know me:  I am in my happy introvert place sitting on the beach with a good book.  Knowing Jesus brings immeasurable meaning to my life and drives my relationships and decisions.  I love quality time with my favorite people.  I’m very likely the person at your wedding that tried all five flavors of your wedding cake. I’m sorry. I just really love refined sugar. I’m working on this.  If my husband would let me, I’d own twelve cats and let them all sleep in our bed.

I write about things I think about. So basically together we will ponder deep thoughts like “If I go to Bible Study and watch The Bachelor in the same night, which one cancels out?” I’ll also share what’s deep in my heart related to faith and parenting a little one and living with purpose.

Come find me on Twitter or send me a love letter at thecatthatbarkedemail {at} gmail {dot} com.
Take a seat on my internet couch and stay awhile! I’m so happy you’re here.