Book Club On The Blog: In Honor Of “Read Across America” Day

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated what I’ve enjoyed from my reading list.  “Read Across America” Day is celebrated annually on March 2nd, which is Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  In honor of this nationwide celebration of reading, I bring you this blog post.  These are a few I would recommend:

good reads the chemist
The Chemist // Stephenie Meyer

[Fiction: Thriller]
So, so good.  The Chemist is an ex-agent who could’ve easily stepped right out of the Bourne movies.  She is constantly on the run from her former employers and must sacrifice any sense of normalcy to preserve her own life.  She is offered an opportunity to take one last job which appears to guarantee her an “out”, but only complicates things and endangers her further.  Find this book and read it ASAP.

good reads harry potter
Harry Potter and The Cursed Child // JK Rowling

[Fiction: Fantasy]
Some people expressed disappointment in the newest Potter book released, however I read it in 24 hours on a kid-free vacation and passed it off to my husband who did the same.  We both really liked it.  Easy to read because it’s entirely written as a script for the play.  Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all grown with children.  The main character, Harry’s youngest son, Albus, is a sulky misfit at Hogwarts and ends up wondering how the past could have been different.  Someone described this as the wizarding version of “It’s A Wonderful Life”, and I agree.

good read the scars that have shaped me
The Scars That Have Shaped Me // Vaneetha Rendall Risner

[Nonfiction: Memoir]
Excerpt from Desiring God -“Twenty-one surgeries by age thirteen. Years in the hospital. Verbal and physical bullying from schoolmates. Multiple miscarriages as a young wife. The death of a child. A debilitating progressive disease. Riveting pain. Abandonment. Unwanted divorce… In The Scars That Have Shaped Me, Vaneetha does more than share her stories of pain; she invites other sufferers to taste with her the goodness of a sovereign God who will carry us in our darkest of days.”

good reads small great things
Small Great Things // Jodi Picoult

Just finished this one and it was one of those I was trying to read sentences/pages while dinner was cooking on the stove with a one year old putting stickers down my pants leg.  I got sucked in and really wanted to see how it ended.  Ruth, an African American labor and delivery nurse, is caring for a newborn, doing a routine check-up, when his parents- white supremacists- demand that she is reassigned and doesn’t touch their baby.  Later in the nursery, the baby goes into cardiac arrest and when she hesitates to provide medical care, she ends up facing very serious criminal charges.  The author addresses important and relevant perspectives on racism, discrimination, “white privilege”, and justice.  [Disclaimer: The story is told in alternating perspectives, some of which contains strong language that could be offensive.]

good reads treasuring christ
Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full // Gloria Furman

[Nonfiction: Christian Parenting]
The subtitle to this is “Gospel Meditations For Busy Moms”.  Really, really good thoughts- especially liked this quote,

“By God’s grace I can resist the temptation to treat my children as interruptions to my will for my life.  Instead, God’s enables me to treat my children as precious gifts he is using to shape me into his image according to his will for my life.”

Currently Reading:
Present Over Perfect // Shauna Niequist (I tried highlighting her sentences while I was on the elliptical if that gives you any sense of my current feeling for/dedication to this book.)
The Girl Who Drank The Moon // Kelly Barnhill (Heard of this Juvenile Fiction book via @readaloudrevival on Instagram)

Coming Up:
Idaho // Emily Ruskovich
Circling The Sun // Paula McLain


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What have you been reading lately? Always love hearing about a great book!