Book Club On The Blog: Summer Reads

If you’re looking for a new book to pick up, these are a few that I’ve enjoyed over the summer!

breathWhen Breath Becomes Air // Paul Kalanithi
[Nonfiction: Memoir]
A young neurosurgeon diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer writes about his experiences as both the doctor and patient. I found his memoir to be touching, poignant, and reason to be thankful for the gift of good health and a new day.  Short read.


what she knewWhat She Knew // Gilly Macmillan
[Novel: Thriller]
A mother allows her eight-year-old to run ahead while walking in the forest and he disappears.  I love a good thriller and enjoyed this book.  For those queasy about what the ending may be- no spoilers here- but the book primarily focuses on the entire search, leaving you hanging on to find out what happened to Ben.


lifeanimated-216x300Life, Animated // Ron Suskind
[Nonfiction: Memoir]
Owen, a boy with autism, grows up obsessively watching Disney movies and uses their dialogue, characters, and themes to make sense of the world around him.  I randomly came across this book and decided to pick it up.  I really enjoyed reading about Owen’s journey more than I realized I would.  Fascinating and inspiring.


i said yesI Said Yes // Emily Maynard
[Nonfiction: Memoir]
Emily was a contestant on the Bachelor and later became the Bachelorette.  This book will obviously be most interesting to those who watch the show, however she also writes very openly about her life before/after the show which includes the plane crash that killed her boyfriend, the pregnancy she found out about a week after the crash (her daughter Ricki), past struggle with depression, and her faith journey as a Christian.  Quick read.


antelopeThe Antelope in the Living Room // Melanie Shankle
[Nonfiction: Humor, Marriage]
Melanie Shankle is a blogger who wrote a memoir on marriage- the good, the bad, and the antelope he hung on her living room wall.  Her stories were funny and entertaining, with my personal favorite being the time her husband took pain meds for a back injury and had to officiate a wedding soon after.  Some deeper thoughts mixed in, but mostly humorous.


women of the wordWomen of the Word // Jen Wilkin
[Nonfiction: Studying the Bible]
Passionate to see other women learn how to study the Bible with their hearts and minds, Jen provides a comprehensive framework for approaching passages of Scripture.  She’s methodical in her approach and refreshing in her instruction. Looking forward to digging deeper than a breezy devotional to internalize what God’s Word says, what it means, and how it applies to my life.


Lilac book jacketLilac Girls // Martha Hall Kelly
[Novel: Historical Fiction]
-WWII, Ravensbruck concentration camp.  Obviously this novel will, at times, make your heart feel really heavy.  With that said, I’m really glad I read this book and it’s one of my favorites I’ve read this year.  The lives of three women (a NY socialite, a Polish teenager, and a German doctor) intersect and I was intrigued to read at the end of the book that they were based on real people and events.  Absolutely worth reading.

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