Congratulations to the Four Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Blogiversary giveaway!  And a warm welcome to all of you lovely people receiving this post via email for the very first time.

Lest you think my technological prowess set up some complex coding system that chose the four winners, please direct your attention to Exhibit A:
IMG_7315 Sometimes you just can’t beat an old school raffle out of a Keds shoebox.  That was my level of Cannot Even with technology tonight.  I recruited my husband, Daniel, to randomly choose four winners for the Target gift cards.  If you didn’t win, he said he would accept full responsibility and you can direct all hate mail to his personal email account:

and the giveaway winners are...

Congratulations to annette.knox, meganbbarker, cmw27540, and krbratch!  I’ll be in touch to arrange sending you your Target gift card.  Thanks again to everyone who participated; hope you have a great week!