Testing, Testing. HOT MIC.

I didn’t realize 2016 would be The Year of the Blog.
It just kind of happened.

Let me back up and tell you that growing up, I was totally that kid who loved to read and write. Words were my thing. I’d read a Nancy Drew book and be so empowered by the way she busted open the mystery of that hidden staircase that I’d furiously journal about all the “suspicious activity” in my extremely safe middle-class neighborhood. (If this tempts you to close the browser, please reconsider. I’m way cooler now.) I still enjoy to read and write but it requires intentionality to make time for both. Enter: New Year’s Resolutions 2016.

You know when you become an adult and your New Years Resolutions start revolving around hygienic self care and responsible life goals?
I resolve to be in a committed relationship with my Sonicare toothbrush.
I resolve to put my phone down while I’m spending time with my daughter.
I resolve to learn what quinoa is and see it one time in person.

In 2016, I tapped into the adultiest adult corners of my soul and resolved to explore and develop my writing. (The other adult corners of my soul are dedicated to daily facial moisturizing and folding fitted sheets.)  After a series of events I decided that blogging would be the main platform for that exploration. So here we are.

Just so we’re all clear on this- I’m now a stay-at-home Mom who is currently wearing yoga pants and starting a blog. I’m one essential oil away from fitting the exact stereotype of a person I never thought I’d become. And yet- I kind of feel amazing about it. It’s only a matter of time before I’m rolling through the suburbs in a Dodge Caravan with a Rudolph nose on the front.

This blog is not just for people who have kids- though I will be writing about the realities (my realities) of parenthood: the good, the bad, the ugly. The solidarity of shared experiences will give us lots of emotions and we will mail each other friendship bracelets. Even if you don’t have your own children but you like kids, know kids, or see kids in places doing things, I think there’s a place for you here. I know there’s definitely a place for this girl— who are you and HOW CAN I KNOW YOU?

I would like to point out my blog is very specifically not for any of my former third grade students who have managed to navigate the expanses of the internet to find this page. I love you dearly and I hope you are on the honor roll and doing your homework every night but this blog is not your home. BYE. And if you are a person sitting on a computer at the public library, there’s a strong likelihood you’re catfishing somebody. That somebody is not me and you need to continue on. Nothing to see here.

Every now and then I hope to pull the reins on the sarcasm and first world problems to actually post thoughtful reflections about meaningful topics. I love Jesus. Walking through life as a Christian can be challenging and emotional and difficult, but also incredible and vibrant and soul-satisfying. I want to contribute just as much Jesus to the Internet as I do snarky anecdotes so if I happen to get behind the blogging pulpit, go on and lift up some Praise Hands.

There you have it. Let’s do this.