Thank You Notes: The Hunger Games, Kale Chips

thank-you-515514_1280Thank you, Hunger Games, for being an impressive foreshadowing of the current GOP Presidential Race.  In the Republican’s quest to conquer the Capitol, over a dozen candidates entered into the Nomination Arena with Donald Trump standing center stage bellowing “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUUUUUUUTE!!!” (and probably also mentioning “The beauty of me is that I’m very rich”).  The parallels all seem to be there: protests and demonstrations, big spending sponsors, and high entertainment value- although I admit I would’ve enjoyed seeing Fiorina with a crossbow or Carson twirling around to make his suit catch on fire.  Hunger Games, thank you for reminding us that sometimes things get worse before they get better and that there are always nightlock berries if this whole thing goes down sideways.  May the odds be ever in your favor, America.

Thank you, Grocery Store Kale Chips, for giving me a pretty accurate idea of what it’d be like if I put some tahini and cashew butter on a bunch of dryer lint and left it in my mouth to disintegrate.

I’m already envisioning our future together: just you and me in an underground bunker during the End Times, since all of the other food has already been looted off of the shelves.  (Our future together assumes that Waffle House is no longer open 24/7 and all the wild berries and edible plants have also been scavenged.)  By putting “Chips” in your title, I thought we would be besties for the resties, but imagine how surprised I was when I opened the bag and didn’t smell the comforting, familiar scent of sodium.  Instead, it was like a combination of old fish food and Vitamin A and retirement home.  So I guess what I’m trying to say, Grocery Store Kale Chips, is although we won’t hang out often, I’m thankful to know there are other people in the world who enjoy eating you so I don’t have to.

And thank you for allowing me to enter into your busy days with this weeklong Thank You Note series.  Hopefully something you’ve read has given you a soft chuckle or, if we’re both lucky, perhaps even an LOLOL moment.  Back to our regularly scheduled program next week where I’ll be doing some #realtalk entitled: Co-Parenting with Google.

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