Thank You Notes: #NationalSiblingsDay, Strangers Commenting On My Pregnancy

Thank you, #NationalSiblingsDay, for being a viral day of observance on Facebook that allows me to post the best-looking picture of myself with my siblings looking kind of meh and so-so.  Even though my caption celebrates love for my people, the picture I chose confirms I have not yet forgiven my brother for throwing a pencil at my ankle.  We have so many photos to choose from that I just couldn’t decide… 1) the Glamour Shots we had done where my sister’s four inch cowlick is eclipsed only by her headgear and my beauty, 2) my wedding day pic when my brother was about to sneeze but my eyebrows were ON POINT, or 3) the hilarious candid shot where I caught her talking to herself in the mirror with that raggedy towel wrapped around her hair.  The beauty of this special day is I don’t have to choose just one picture; I can post all three! So thank you, #NationalSiblingsDay, for letting me publicize the love/hate relationship I have with my siblings, but mostly thank you for giving me a reason to add another smoking hot picture of myself to my Internet portfolio.

belly painting: the only time strangers should comment on a pregnancy

belly painting: the only time strangers should comment on a pregnancy

Thank you, Strangers Commenting On My Pregnancy, for your deep wisdom and words of encouragement at a time of life when my self image is already sky high.  Don’t misunderstand the tears in my eyes… when you said “You must be so close!” about my 19 week bump, I wasn’t actually on the verge of weeping.  It was more of a hormonal moment of teary joy that others are finally seeing my pregnancy glow.  (BRB, gonna go second guess every pastry I ate in the month of March.)  Sir, you really seized the moment at the Lowe’s Paint Counter emphasizing the importance of an involved father (PREACH Jheri Curl Man) and you, ma’am, in the church row in front of me who asked if I was having twins?  I have to thank you for asking me that question in church and not in the grocery store, because if it wasn’t for the Holy Spirit and the fact that I can’t physically climb over these chairs, you would be LAIDT out.  When strangers see fit to speak into your life and predict your child’s gender based on the size of your butt, at first it’s like AND WHO ARE YOU? but then it’s like “Wow.  I’m feeling so uplifted right now.  Because I never have to see you again.”  So thank you, Rando People, for all of your well-intentioned comments and observations.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to resume eating this pastry.

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