Thank You Notes: People of the Gym

We have so much to be thankful for in life.  (Truly!)  I am thankful for Jimmy Fallon, the writers of “Late Night”, and his segment called “Thank You Notes”.  He expresses gratitude toward people, places, concepts, and items in hilarious ways. (Honorable mention to Jen Hatmaker who wrote some of these notes in her book “For The Love” and also contributed to this inspiration.)  Because I am entirely too lazy to come up with my own original ideas for funny blogging, I would like to steal his bit and entertain you with my own extended blogger version.  
Without further ado, People of the Gym:
Thank you, 78-Year-Old Man Wearing Pleated Khakis To Work Out, for proving that fashion over function wins again while doing leg extensions.  Your chinos tell me you’re ready to balance your checkbook but your undershirt is ready to conquer a little circuit training.  I realize so many benefits of wearing khakis to work out and I have you to thank: it’s a great opportunity to test wrinkle resistance, you have four different pockets to choose from for holding your keys or your abacus, and they’re versatile for leaving the gym and driving straight to church.  (Different topic, yet related: can I borrow your braided belt?  Lemme know.)  You keep on doin’ you, even if that means wearing khakis to Silver Sneakers CrossFit.

Thank you, Eager Fitness Class Participant, for warming up in place before the class and music have even started.  I see now how the Step-Ball-Change foot movement really loosened you up physically and mentally to step into that Salsa.  Your attentiveness to each muscle group in your warm up is admirable but please be careful when you alternate those front kicks/donkey kicks because some of us nearby are just standing completely still with our hands on our hips.  Thank you for all you do because I honestly can’t make this stuff up on my own.  Let’s be friends.  Call me.

Stay tuned for four more days of Thank You Notes!

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