Things I Love And You Might Too

Summer’s unofficially here!  It’s my favorite season… beach trips, fresh tomato sandwiches, grilling out, outdoor live music- or more accurately, people watching at the outdoor live music.  As your summer begins, take a look at some recommendations I have for you- a beach read, an encouraging podcast for moms, an app (developed locally!), a delicious recipe, and a bingeworthy Netflix show.  These are some of my recent favorites… and I have a feeling you may love them too!

things i love

Your Next Summer Read

Since my last book club on the blog post, I’ve read a handful of books, but by far the best one I want to tell you about is The Pearl That Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi.  Set in Afghanistan, the novel flashes between the separate stories of two women who disguised themselves as boys to create a better life for themselves.  If you need something to read on the airplane, at the beach, before bed… check this out.    the pearl that broke its shell

current favorite podcast

Thanks to the recommendation of my friend, Holly, I’ve really been enjoying the Risen Motherhood podcast.  Most episodes are 20 minutes long; all are gospel-centered and cover topics relevant to being a mom. (Topics like: adoption, disciplining our children, miscarriage/infertility, “Mom Guilt”, putting your marriage first, etc.)   New episodes drop on Wednesdays.. it’s so worth the listen!

the app you didn’t know you needed

Several months ago, my friend, Becky, casually mentioned that she and her husband were “creating an app”.  I think I just stared at her like “………………………………how do you do that”.  Then she used smart words for a few minutes and I made a mental note to download the app when it was ready.  Their free app is officially live and it’s called Just My Style.  This app is perfect for me because y’all know I have issues with shopping in public places (see previous blog posts on: Target, Grocery StoreCostcoOpening Doors While Shopping With a Stroller). With this app, think like: online window shopping + Tinder for women’s clothing.

You choose a category you want to browse in- say, sleeveless tops- and then you either give it a thumbs up or thumbs down before you can move on to see the next sleeveless shirt.  The more you use the app, the smarter it gets to learn what types of styles you’re into.  Some of the clothes I’ll give a thumbs down, but as I keep using the app, it shows me more and more styles that I’m interested in (thumbs up!).  I can then go to my “Love It” list to see store/pricing details or buy it directly if I want to.

The app uses clothing options from Anthropologie, Athleta, GAP, JCrew, Lands End, Old Navy, Eddie Bauer, Target, Under Armour, Nordstrom Rack, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Amazon, + more.  Love the concept, love supporting local awesomeness, and love not leaving my couch to window shop.  Available for download with Apple or Android devices: get it here.

if you’re not on a diet, make these.

Clearly I’m not a food blogger, but I have to share a cookie recipe with you guys.  It will be like a turning point in your life once you’ve eaten them… they’re that good.  Here is a photo of the homemade Oatmeal Creme Pies:
cookiesThis past weekend, I went on a Girl’s Weekend with some of my best friends from college.  (Last year’s recap can be read here.)  This year, we went to Nashville and terrorized the city in all the best ways- did some of the music scene, ate good food, took pictures like middle school girls.  One of our friends is named Amy and she can work a kitchen.  On our last night together, the group decided we needed to peer pressure Amy to make her homemade Oatmeal Creme Pies.. so we did a 9pm grocery run and sent her to slave in the kitchen until we had these cookies in our hands.  I may or may not have appointed myself as her apprentice and stalked her in the kitchen in case she “needed help cleaning” or “wanted to let me lick any spoons or cooking tools”.

Here are screenshots of her recipe so we can all get fat and love life.  (I have no clue how Pioneer Woman makes fancy recipe cards embedded into her blog and I have no interest in finding out so make peace with your screenshots.)

our netflix binge can be yours too

We love finding a good show that sucks you in and makes you watch three episodes in a row on a weeknight.  The one we’ve gotten into earlier in the year is a British crime drama called Broadchurch.  Don’t let the heavy accents throw you off; this show is worth watching and keeps you on the edge of your seat.  There are currently two seasons on Netflix or you can watch online here.  We just found out that Season 3 is coming to BBC America on JUNE 28 so naturally I have it in our iCalendar because that’s what normal people do.  You have less than a month to crank through the first two seasons of Broadchurch so you can catch the third and final season at the same time as the Barker fam.


Also, not on Netflix but- The Bachelorette.  Who else is watching this season?  Who else’s husband “doesn’t watch that show” but happens to be in the room making comments on half of the content? Watching the show always generates that age old question… “If I have Bible Study the same night as The Bachelor, which one cancels out?”  Just had to throw it out there that I’m hunkered down on Monday nights filling my mind with nonsense, so if you are too, let’s have a conversation about how “the whaboom guy” needs a life coach.  Stop trying to make fetch happen, Lucas!


That’s all I’ve got, people.  Everything else in my life is regular and boring EXCEPT FOR the aforementioned book, podcast, app, recipe, and TV show.  They will take your summer to the next level and that’s a fact.  If you try any of them out, let me know what you think!  Now it’s your turn… what do I need to read? Listen to? Eat? Download? Watch?  Talk to me Internet!